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About US | A Quintessential Sneaker Community Brand | One Lace

About US | A Quintessential Sneaker Community Brand | One Lace

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Throughout Christopher Louis's history, the quintessential sneaker community band was formed in late 2014, known as One Lace. Guided by divine inspiration that leads many of New York City counter- cultures. One Lace was developed to satisfy the objective of the sneaker community, its subcultures, and to help those in need. We will always represent the culture the right way.

One Lace Identification refers to the process of life, community & various stages in a life cycle. One Lace breakdown as one step your beginning (Individuality), One cord, your connections (Empowerment), One life your journey (Undienable Progression). One Lace is a trendsetting brand led by visionary designers, who keep to the brand design aesthetics of individuality, empowerment, and undeniable progression.

Many subcultures of New York City have become worldwide cultures, so One Lace strives to deliver quality as the authentic lifestyle brand of the sneaker community & its subcultures.

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