Author: labtrondigital

Dust Monitor LDMR/Airborne Particle Counters

Dust Monitor LDMR-A10 based on light scattering principle is a portable unit which counts as well determine the mass concentration of particulates. Additionally it displays battery levels, flow rate, pump... Read More

FTIR Spectrometer LIR/Spectrometer

FTIR Spectrometer LIR-B10 offers gold coated reflecting mirrors to cover maximum light throughput with detection sensitivity with multilayer Ge coated KBr beam splitter specification, aluminum based cast design layout structure,... Read More

Fiber Analysis/Fiber Analyzer LFBA

Fiber Analyzer LFBA-A10 is designed with hidden solution, advance barrel pull structure to facilitates dosing operation, provide flexible, and safe fiber analysis. Advanced integrated infrared heating technology offers fast uniform... Read More

Microwave Digestion System LMWD

Microwave Digestion System LMWD-B11 is newly designed and fully upgraded with higher performance and safer protection system. Vessel quantity of 10 and vertical design for even distribution of microwave with... Read More

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LPTT-A11 is equipped with burette valve integrated design, to avoid mutual interference of different titrimetric solutions. Built in with large and bright LCD screen display. During operation,... Read More