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We are proud to be AMP Pigments, a market leader in the manufacture and export of high-quality glow in the dark pigments. Glow in the dark pigments, also Known as... Read More

Seed coating polymer manufacturers in India

AMP Pigments Manufactures Seed Coating Polymers for Agriculture At AMP Pigments, we manufacture coloured polymers for seeds. AMP Pigments' seed coating polymers have given 100% to grow crops and helped farmers... Read More

Seed coating polymer manufacturers in India

Among every advancements in farming, seed coating polymers have arisen as a critical innovation, improving the proficiency and viability of current farming processes. AMP Pigments, a leading manufacturer of seed... Read More

Mica powder Manufacturers | AMP Pigments

AMP Pigments manufactures varieties of Mica Pearl Pigment and their pearlescent pigments exports in all countries like Italy, Nepal, Algeria, Kenya and more. AMP Pigments has a more unique appearence... Read More

AMP Pigments | Pigment manufacturer in India

SP Colour & Chemicals manufactures both types of Gold Pigment either Pearlescent or metallic. Gold Pearl Pigment and Gold Metal Pigment are both used to confer a brilliant tint to... Read More