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Deadly Qualities Of A Project Manager

Deadly Qualities Of A Project Manager

Submitted by • February 25, 2020

It is the responsibility of a project manager to lead a project successfully in an efficient way. He needs to be a leader and synchronize the working of his team yielding in a regular result-oriented outcome on a long-term basis. Since he is the project planner and the project heavily relies on him, it is his responsibility to ensure that his team do not make any mistake or make one and overlook it. However, there are some sins that a project manager should never ever commit. Read on to know what they are.
Executing a project based on a set of assumptions is a sure-shot way for a downfall. Few of the assumptions which lead to the eventual downfall of a project are listed below:

The team members are well briefed about their respective roles.
The project won’t come across any unforeseen obstacles.
Information sharing with the team will always be optimal.
The team will always work properly, as a cohesive unit, adhering to the guidelines.
The project will meet the deadline irrespective

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