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ecommerce app development

ecommerce app development

Submitted by • May 25, 2020

The impact of coronavirus has a positive impact and drives eCommerce Business to a great extent. Digital Marketing and Online Retailing are catching up to handle economic stagnation and product shortage caused due to an epidemic outbreak.

As the cases of coronavirus spread, the commercial establishment is experiencing store closure due to the consumer shortage.

Surprisingly, at the same time, some companies have positioned themself well and benefited by effectively shifting themself based on consumer behaviour. Corona Drives eCommerce Business in 2020.

China Case Study:

When the Outbreak happened in China, it advertently created a boon for eCommerce as shoppers stuck at home purchased their goods online.
Sales on many popular eCommerce Portal has jumped multifold to almost 225% during the first two weeks of Feb’20.

Spike in Online Sales:

The sudden epidemic virus outbreak has greatly triggered an unexpected spike in eCommerce sales, across the globe. Items like sanitary, disinfec

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