Evolution of the conference call in audio video conferencing system

With the inclusion of video conferencing into conference rooms due to globalization of teams and conference rooms expanding to include video capabilities, a trend has been created that will not be going away anytime soon. To have a better perception of something that has become a crucial part of technology and communication let us have a better understanding of where the technology started from to how we use technology today.

Today teams and projects are handled very differently from the way it was done decades ago. Audio Video conferencing could only be a dream in the last century, today it connects the world faster and keeps improving all the time.

To improve a business and achieve a goal successfully it has become necessary to have conferencing collaboration. And while it’s impossible to get to every small advancement in the field, there is still plenty to consider when looking at the big picture of conferencing and collaboration.

Conferencing technology also began to emerge, albeit in an expensive and impractical form, in the middle of the 20th century, paving the way for the conferencing methods still in place at businesses around the world.

For decades, conferencing was only a novelty, a gimmick that the rich and powerful could afford. And if only a select few can engage in conferencing, it’s not all that useful. However conferencing should be adopted by every company, regardless of size of scope.

The internet has a huge impact on technology used for communicating and collaborating. With the rise of the internet, group and video calling became feasible for people working at their desks and for younger people chatting over instant messaging applications. Popular conferencing applications are accessed and managed through web browsers.

Many companies now use the power of the mobile phone for communication purposes and video conferencing is one of the main collaboration applications available on these devices.

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