Gundam Transformations are Just Glorified Yoga Poses

Gunpla kits nowadays are evolved beyond recognition. They came a long way since we were introduced to bare plastic figures, with limited articulation and poor color separation. At present, what we have aren’t just plastic kits, but ingenious engineering marvels. Their clever structuring gave these kits amazing articulations and details, even with minimal painting. You don’t need to be a master modeler to build a fine Gunpla.

In Gunpla, everything is cool, except…

Obviously, no amount of engineering could make a Gunpla transformation more complex. But from the beginning, I thought that transforming Gundams are cheesy. Not just me, but some of my friends. Transforming suits aren’t exactly bad ideas. In fact, it’s what made Zeta Gundam and the rest iconic. And aesthetically, their vehicle modes never looked bad either. But when it comes to transformation Gundams are not Veritech fighters. Because some Gundam transformations seem to be products of lazy designs.

They are nothing more than Gundams on their heads.

There are other transformable Gundams out there, like the Unicorn and Seravee. But those are just units with alternate robot mode. This article will tackle the suits with vehicle forms

When It All Began
The Zeta Gundam.

The original Gundam series actually preceded the Transformers, but it was in the 80s when we first saw a transforming Gundam. We need to thank another Real Robot series for popularizing the transformable mecha designs, namely the Macross, and its influences could be seen on how the Zeta Gundam transforms into a plane-like vehicle. Outside Gundam, Transformers owed its popularity to the said series. And take note that the Real Robot Genre was originally conceived by the Gundam series, and we could see here how different anime influenced each other, a trend we still see today.

The 80s was indeed the age of the transformable mecha, and from that time period, we started to see a myriad of transforming units. The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

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