How Australian Family Law Act Determines Your Entitlements to Property?

James Noble is a familiar face and expert family lawyers in Brisbane have suggested some way to get your Property by the Australian Family Law Act. If you are searching for legitimate advice before divide family property. This article can be a cool source to help you make the thing happen legally and by the Australian Family Law Act.

The four-step approach of the Family Law Act which was adopted by the Family Court:

1. Identifying and valuing the property of the parties;
2. Considering the contribution of each party;
3. Considering the futures of either party; and
4. Considering whether the proposed orders to be made are just and equitable.

However, in a recent decision of the Court (Stanford), the Court added a fifth consideration. The Court will look at a matter to determine if it is a case suitable for the Court’s determination even before the Court considers a property application.

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