How can WhatsApp automation help grow your business for $5 per day?

Pop Quiz, which company on the planet has the most number of customers? It's everywhere. Yeah, that's the Ad pitch/slogan for the company. Its Visa. With 302 million customers, it's towering above the next largest one which is Apple iTunes with 225 million customers.

Does business growth, revenue, and brand depend on the number of customers an organization has? Of course, it does. The more customers you reach the more robust is the moat you build for your business. So if your organization has to grow large and accumulate a lot of customers and build a moat that is impenetrable around your business, you need to start acquiring more customers.

The top dollar every company spends on is customer acquisition. That's because business survival, growth, stakeholder satisfaction, and market influence are all dependent on the number of customers who use your products or services.

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