How to File Divorce in Dubai, UAE | BR Law Firm

Getting through a divorce is difficult. It involves several legal documentation and processes that need a lawyer’s assistance. With our team’s expertise and experience in the family and divorce law,our lawyers can guide the clients on how to file a divorce in Dubai and help them go through the process.In Muslim countries like the UAE, divorce is governed by the Sharia law. Non-Muslim and Non-Emirati can also file for a divorce but will have to go through quite a complex procedure and will need the help of a lawyer to go through the case.Here is a Guide on Steps How To File a Divorce in Dubai:
1. The initial step in filing a divorce in the Dubai, UAE is to file a case directly or through a lawyer. Non-Emirati and Non-Muslim citizens also have to check with their home country or where the marriage took place for any specific requirements for filing the case.
2. Regardless of the reason for divorce, the case has to be registered at the Moral and Family Guidance Section where reconciliation will take place without the presence of lawyers. In this stage, a conciliator will try to put a settlement between the parties. If no amicable settlement is reached, the case will be referred to court and will require a legal representative from both sides.
3. Apply for a decree nisi at the Dubai Court of First Instance after which. Here, the one who is filing the divorce has to state the reasons for filing the case.
4. Apply for a decree absolute to end the marriage once the spouse agrees with the petition.
5. If the Judge finds the reasons to be valid and reasonable, the divorce will be granted.
BR Law Firm’s expertise and experience in practicing the divorce law for over ten years help us to properly assist and guide clients on how to file a divorce in Dubai. Our lawyers work keeping in mind our commitment to satisfying our client through exceptional legal service.