Integrated Reporting in SBL / Fintram Global

Reporting to Stakeholders is one of the most important role of a Strategic Business Leader & Integrated Reporting is the need for every stakeholder hence it is one of the frequently tested area in ACCA SBL Exam.

Historically Financial statements were the main pillars of corporate reporting, particularly for governance and compliance purposes However there were various arguments that suggests that they do not provide meaningful information regarding whole business value to the stakeholders. They need more broader and forward-looking focus without companies own forecasts and projections.

In 2013, the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) released a framework for integrated reporting primarily to help user get the detailed and insightful information about the company that goes beyond just the financial information.

The framework establishes principles and concepts that govern the overall content of an integrated report. The primary purpose of an integrated report is to explain to providers of financial capital how an organization creates value over time. An integrated report benefits all stakeholders interested in a company’s ability to create value, including employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, legislators and regulators.

IR conveys: