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Is The Use Of The Feed Pellet Machine?

Is The Use Of The Feed Pellet Machine?

Submitted by • July 12, 2019

Is the use of the feed pellet machine?
For the use of pellet feed machines, many friends also said that it is very simple, do not need any professional
skills, but are you really right? The operation of the cattle and sheep straw feed pellet machine is to feed from
the feed port, and then the pellet machine operates, and the particles come out from the discharge port. This is true, but there are a few small points to be aware of during use.
1. The material needs to be crushed below 6mm
Material comminution is an essential operation before the pellet mechanism of the feed. Only the material crushed by the feed mill can be pressed by the pellet machine. Everyone knows this. But when you smash it, everyone is confused. In general, the pulverization particle size of the material is related to the diameter of the pressed
particles. If you want to suppress the particles of large diameter, then the crushing particle size is also the
same. For example, if your material is pressed

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