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Personal Work Group Evaluation

Personal Work Group Evaluation

Submitted by • October 16, 2018

Complete the following: Choose a group in which you are currently involved or have been involved in the past. A group or team associated with a current employer often works the best, but you may also use group experiences from previous employers or community activities. If possible, choose a group that may be experiencing communication difficulties. Prepare an investigative paper that applies group-related communication theories to your selected group. Include the following in your paper: o Describe the characteristics of the group using all of the criteria below: o Describe whether the team is ongoing (permanent) or ad hoc (temporary). o Is the group a short-term group that will only exist for 112 months or is the group a long-standing group that has or will exist for more than one year? o Is the group formal or informal? For example, is the group an official (that is, formal) department or committee at a company or is the group an informal collection of people such as a book club.

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