Poetry and the Beauty Behind It

To get a firm clue which one can follow fruitfully in the retrospect and prospect one have proposed to oneself, it will not be awry to inquire what is the highest power one can demand from poetry or what may be the nature of poetry, its essential law, and how out of that arises the possibility of its use as the mantra of the Real.

Poetry, like art, can be so substantial. It can be the water that moves and soothes, the flame that kindles and burns, the wind that mounts, the light that illuminates, the dark that overwhelms, the colors that babble, the voice that comforts, and the silence that stuns. The spectacle of poetry is really striking, the fact that it might seem to focus on one topic, but it does not because every word ends up representing all of life. If one has ever seen so much life, one can only see it in words. How immensely poetry moves you to a level so intricate and eccentric that your life is spent wondering where you stand.