At Centregold, they offer you the chance to shop for, sell or exchange digital value units like Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, Pecunix, GDP, EuroGoldCash, and C-gold special Payoneer open-end credit for withdrawing these funds. All of which will be done online at any time, with the safety and simple mind we provide you. If you would like to shop for some digital value units, you'll use a wire transfer or a card as a way of payment.

Card acceptance for everybody:

Both debit and credit cards are accepted here, as long as they're compatible with Mastercard or Visa, or American Express. an equivalent for charge and gift cards, we accept all of them.- We accept payment through Solid Trust Pay, too, the smallest expensive option for Visa and MC cards.- Though a touch slower than cards, bank wires are suitable for larger amounts and various currencies, as we accept incoming wire transfers altogether major world currencies.

Our website is only secure and easy to browse, with some video tutorials showing you ways to put orders and the way to require care of your account for a quick and hassle-free transaction. In case you would like to sell your units, all you would like to try to do is send it to us, and that we successively transfer the worth on to your checking account, Amex MasterCard, or to fund the flexible Payoneer open-end credit that we supply; which does not necessitate a checking account and may be used on online purchases and ATMs worldwide.

Why does one need an exchanger :

Several e-currency issuers, like LR and GDP, don't provide a service to sell their units, so it's a requirement to use an exchanger, also called a market maker. And Centregold is among the simplest for that job: secure, fast, reliable, and trustworthy. Also, as a GDCA gold member (excellent reputation and long-term member with a proven record of excellent faith and reliability), we let our clients get e-currencies from MasterCard and thus receive consumer protection from

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