Sharing achievements at Interview, without boasting

With the advent of social media, the omnipresent boasting is often a way for people to show off their achievements. Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds and you will find loads of examples of people boasting about themselves. This is not just limited to just a few people; everybody even the most influential people do boast but in a very subtle manner.

Why do people boast subtly? It is mainly because humility is a good habit to keep, and as we all know the value of self-promotion, boasting in a humble manner seems to be way more effective.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next interview when the recruiter asks you to talk about your achievements without sounding like you are boasting without substance.

1. Talk about the tasks you did and not yourself

You need to know the difference between something that is in-born like characteristic attributes such as intelligence or luck and something that you put effort into doing like dedication, innovation and patience.

2. Share your struggle

Boasting blatantly , exudes a sense of over confidence that says “I am better than you”. Sharing the struggles you faced during your endeavor to achieve your accomplishment would sound more natural and makes it more relatable to the recruiter.

For example; instead of saying “I’m a best Sales person,” you can rather share how it wasn’t only your convincing skills that got you here, but it was the added effort of endless research, tiring phone calls, searching for leads, etc.

3. Turn it into a Story

Everybody loves a good story, and the same applies to when you talk about your achievements. While talking about your ideas, and accomplishments, “bragologues” are powerful in getting people to think about you in just the ways you want quotes Peggy Klaus the author of BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

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