Startup India is looking forward to designing women-focused entrepreneurship development programmes

The Startup India programme has been called one of the biggest success stories of the Indian government in the past five years. Startup India has brought a lot of focus on startups at the state and central level, improved fundraising for many ventures and has become the startup ecosystem’s enabler in many other ways.

Ramesh Abhishek, the head of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) which is part of the Startup India initiative, has revealed that over 18K startups have been recognised under the Startup India initiative. He added that in May 2019, 814 startups were given recognition under the programme, which comes to more than one startup recognised per hour. These startups are spread across 513 districts of 29 States and 6 UTs in India, with 18,861 startups recognised overall.