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A Successful Career is just one step away!!! Become a Data Scientist Data Scientist is the highest paying job of the century Vast opportunity in Data Science Learn Python & SQL , Analyze... Read More

Almost every sector is transforming thanks to artificial intelligence, from the auto industry to pharmaceuticals. Automating production with machine learning is the key to turning manual units into AI-enabled units.Ai... Read More

Between 2019 and 2027, the global image recognition market is expected to grow exponentially by over 22%. A number of industries such as automotive, banking, healthcare, security, and retail are... Read More

OptiSol helped a Startup company in building an AI/ML-based solution approach that helps non-technical users to record sign translations of bible verses. This application allows sign language experts to login... Read More

The evolution of mobile medical apps has the potential to reduce global healthcare costs and hospital waiting times, enhance patient convenience and compliance, and can significantly improve the overall quality of care.... Read More

NLP Application Development Services

We train a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to automatically generate intents (Questions) from a body of text and to answer them. The body of text can be an HR... Read More

facial gesture analysis platform

We have incorporated facial recognition for identity verification inside business processes like KYC (Know Your Client) typically used in finance and personal banking.  We have incorporated facial recognition for identity verification... Read More

computer vision for retail analytics

OptiSol collaborates with a retail company in building a microservice architecture-based VIIOP system for helping their end customers analyze their live video’s data into actionable insights.Our client helps small businesses... Read More

Neutrinos provide AI-enabled Low-Code Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that can accurately classify, extract, and integrate data from multiple document formats, such as scanned copies, paper forms, images, text messages, emails,... Read More

Handholds your customers to shop from your online store in an assisted manner. Give them prompt response 24x7 when they need post-sales support. Everyone can create an SAP Conversational AI... Read More