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Top Grade CPVC Solvent Cement In Aqua Excel

Top Grade CPVC Solvent Cement In Aqua Excel

Submitted by • February 5, 2020

Solvent Cement is not glue. Solvent cement is prepared using the materials like CPVC resin, stabilizers and fillers dissolved in cocktail of solvent. The Aqua Excel CPVC Solvent cement is used for two reasons to dissolve the CPVC resin and to prepare the surface of the pipe and fitting. The solvent dissolves the surface of the CPVC pipes and fittings by smoothening it and changing the molecular structure of the pipes and fittings. A taper in the fitting socket becomes the interference fit between the pipe and a fitting which makes the two pieces to get fused. The gaps are filled by the CPVC resin. This fusion occurs at molecular level, and then when the fusion evaporates the pipe fitting becomes uniform one piece. Aqua Excel CPVC Solvent cement Contains the stabilizer which has the features of protecting the pipe fusion from heat and oxidation.

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