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Submitted by • June 17, 2020

Before starting off with the article it would be worthwhile to first describe what education ordinarily means. Education is the impartation or acquiring of knowledge through different methods of teaching in a place like school or a similar institution and traditional elementary education would then by the application of common sense would mean the pre-independence and pre-modern mode of education that is imparted to a child when he/she is of a tender age which would form the basis of their future learnings like reading, writing, basic arithmetic, morality, etiquette, and discipline. Traditionally education meant the impartation of that knowledge which would be essential for the person to survive in that era of great hardship and labor. Education would mean all the skills necessary to survive basically. Now obviously this becomes a very fluid definition of the word but such a description is in line with the nature of the concept as it necessarily has to adapt and evolve with the change.

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