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What Is Hazard Analysis?

What Is Hazard Analysis?

Submitted by • December 24, 2019

Hazard analysis is the initial step of developing an effective HACCP program. A hazard is something that is dangerous. A food hazard is something that could make food unsafe or unfit to eat. It’s important you can identify those stages in your business when hazards could be present so they can be removed or reduced to safe levels. The intent is to prioritize the hazards, biological, chemical or physical, that must be monitored and controlled during the handling and production of the food products. The hazard analysis should follow all steps described in the process flow-diagram and evaluate each one for all potential food-safety hazards that may be introduced or augmented at each step. A properly conducted hazard analysis should consider all food safety hazards but should only have control measurements for those hazards that are ‘reasonably likely’ to occur.

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