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What Is Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) In ISO 22000?

What Is Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) In ISO 22000?

Submitted by • February 29, 2020

ISO 22000 identifies areas and programs that must be considered during the development of PRPs. For example, pest control programs, personnel hygiene and lay-out of premises. However the standard leaves the responsibility for developing the details of the program to the organization; it does not give specific requirements for the pest control program, it ask you as the organization to determine what is appropriate for your organization. To give companies additional guidance as they build prerequisite programs, ISO has published a technical specification, ISO/TS 22002-1 "Prerequisite programs on food safety-Part 1: food manufacturing". This document is equivalent to the PAS 220, which has been withdrawn and replaced by the ISO Document. ISO/TS 22002-1 and is intended to be used with the ISO 22000 standard, and gives more detailed requirements for food manufacturers to follow when developing and implementing PRPs. Unlike ISO 22000, which applies to all organizations in the food chain,

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